Your servers or ours, Xen or VMWare, Macintosh, Windows or Linux...

Full Service Hosting. Our premier service.

Fortris provides New Orleans' only locally owned full service hosting facility. What does full service mean? You're never on your own. We maintain a staff of geeks of all level ready to assist you in any way. From a quick press of a reset button, to full build of new servers, installation of your applications, and ongoing maintenance. We do it all so that you don't have to worry about it. And we're good enough at it that national brands depend on little old us, here in Louisiana, to maintain their web presence to the world.
Full service hosting includes all of the services below, each of which is also available a la carte.
Full Service begins around $250 monthly

Fortris Legacy

Everyone would love to update their software to support the latest greatest operating system. But software development isn't cheap, and sometimes we need to squeeze a few more years out of our investment. For this reason, Fortris maintains an inventory of legacy hardware and operating systems to support your older application. From Macintosh System 8, System 9, and every version of OS X on PowerPC and Intel, to IBM OS/2 2.1, 3, and 4, and Windows 98, 2000, and XP, as well as legacy SunOS, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX and OS/400. We've been in this business for a long time. And we've got the old gear to prove it.
Cost varies, give us a call


Have your own equipment, and need a secure place to park it? Our two Southeast Louisiana locations provide easy access for maintenance, plus access to fiber from all carriers available in the area - Metairie has fiber from AT&T, Cox, Gulf South Telephone, and Southern Light available. Baton Rouge has AT&T, Cox, Gulf South Telephone, and Level3.
Need a backup facility further from the Gulf Coast? Our Virginia facility is 200 miles from the coast, and sports fiber from Level3, CenturyLink, nTelos/Lumos, and Paetec/Cavalier/U.S. LEC.
Beginning at $50 monthly

Server Rental

Don't have your own servers? Servers getting a little long in the tooth? Use ours, and never worry about outdated equipment again. Choose from dedicated servers upgraded every three years, or...
Beginning at $75 monthly

Virtual Hosting

...choose virtual servers with the availability of near instant capacity upgrades at any time. Virtual hosting gives you all of the capability of your own dedicated server while using our shared servers.
Beginning at $50 monthly

Shared Hosting

Need to get online on a budget? Have simple requirements? Shared hosting provides basic functionality at the lowest possible cost.
Beginning at $25 monthly

Extra Services:


Our three (soon to be more!) facilities a thousand miles apart allow us to supply our own backup service with confidence. Host with us in New Orleans for convenient access? Worried about storm damage? Have us back up your data to our Virginia facility.
Beginning at $25 monthly

Virtual Evacuation

Need higher availability than simple backups afford? Ask us about virtual evacuation, available to spirit your servers away from the Gulf Coast when a storm threatens. Rather than physically move servers out of threatened facilities, virtual evacuation moves the contents of the servers to our Virginia facility nearly instantly, providing the safety of a physical move with only a few moments' downtime. And if the storm fizzles, your server is moved back for easy access just as quickly.
Cost varies, give us a call

Professional Technical Help

Need only occasional help, and can't justify Full Service? Engage our geeks on an as-needed basis by the hour. Reset button presses are always free on an as-available basis.
Anything else is $145 per hour

No additional charge:

Firewall Management

We have a different philosophy on firewalls. Unlike most hosting providers, we do not hook your servers to the wild internet and wish you luck. We work with customers from the start to identify exactly what traffic they expect to hit their servers, and firewall everything else.
Included at no charge with all hosting

Regularly Scheduled Security Testing

Security isn't a sales gimmick for us. We're very serious about it. We conduct ongoing penetration testing against our own infrastructure and our clients' servers. And we will work with you to eliminate any security issues we find with your servers.
Included at no charge with all hosting