The Difference

There are many low-cost hosting services available on the web. Why allow Fortris to host for you?

  • Full service.

    With Fortris, you will never find yourself looking for help with your hosted services. Many budget hosting operations offer limited, if any, support, leaving the customer to secure outside assistance with any issues of server configuration or troubleshooting. We provide all of these services in-house, included in the price of our full-service hosting packages.

  • A technical philosophy that wasn't born last year.

    When we started out in this business, the purpose of the internet was to provide a secure, distributed, redundant means of communication without any single points of failure. Today's internet hosting facilities have become the antithesis of this purpose. But we have never let sheer profit override our inner geek. We believe that it is possible to make an honest living without cutting the technical corners necessary to build a quality facility. Go ahead. Call us a little bit old fashioned. Say our facilities are a little bit over engineered. We're OK with that.

  • Real people who answer the phone.

    No web forms to fill out and wait three days. We answer the phone any time you call. Usually by the third ring during the day, and usually within a minute or two at night. And the person answering the phone is a trained technician, not a message taker in a faraway country.

  • The flexibility to do what you need, nothing less and nothing more.

    Many large hosting firms have a menu of packages designed to make most profitable use of their facilities for you to choose from. Need something different? Too bad. Not at Fortris. Tell us exactly what you need, and you shall have it at a competitive price.

  • A staff and management team honestly interested in your success.

    Our average customer has been with us for over eight years. Our oldest customer has been with us since 1995. We pride ourselves on making sure that our customers remain happy for the long haul. We are not interested in a whole lot of hosting business. Just yours.

Talk to us today about your hosting needs. The worst that could happen is that you may walk away with a better understanding of your hosting situation. And if we are not the proper fit, we will be happy to guide you toward the right hosting service for you.